LoneColor 3.0

LoneColor 3.0

Free Set any color you like as a Desktop Wallpaper, with a simple double-click
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Very few free, small, and simple applications are really worth downloading, let alone installing and keeping them in your desktop for longer than it takes to uninstall them. LoneColor is one of those few free utilities that not only will bring no harm to your system, but will provide it with an infinite palette of solid color wallpapers to add an elegant and relaxing atmosphere to your desktop.

LoneColor is overwhelmingly simple - it comes without a user interface - no windows, no settings, no parameters to configure, nothing. Well, nothing but a standard-looking icon that works like no other icon I've come across so far. You can get to this icon either by installing the program or by downloading the app's executable and by dragging it to your desktop. This icon is the program's only interface, and you can simply double-click on it to change your desktop's background to a solid color chosen by the program. You may also want to "communicate" with it and tell it about your favorite colors. If you want a, say, red background for your desktop, just change the program's name in the icon to "LoneColor Red", double-click on it and there you go - a bright red wallpaper will set your desktop on fire in a snap.

This simple way of changing your desktop's background color works splendidly with all the most common color names, but you will need something a bit more sophisticated if you want the program to use those beautiful but unnamed shades of red, yellow, gray, green, or blue. You will need to find out the HTML code of the color in question, and - again - change the name of the icon to "LoneColor + HTML color code" and - voilà - your desktop is now the color of that elusive shade of (Insert your favorite color here) that soothes you so wonderfully. If you happen to want to go back to your previous photo wallpapers, just name the program "LoneColor C", click on it, and it will open the Windows control panel for you.

If ever the program needs to tell you something - like a color code or (most unlikely) an error message -, it will communicate with you through your Windows clipboard. Paste its contents anywhere to find out what its message is.

No interface, no complicated color settings and patterns, no resource-consuming and hard-to-fathom apps, and - surely one of its best assets - no cost whatsoever.

FM Senior editor
Francisco Martínez
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  • So simple that anyone can use it
  • Transforms any HTML color code into an attractive solid color wallpaper
  • Communicates with the user thourgh the clipboard
  • You don't need to install it to work


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